2019 Strand Cup

Strand Cup 2019

All Strand Cup competition rounds will be played from the white tees with Hcp’s limited to 15.0 and below. Those players with Hcp’s greater than 15.0 are welcome to enter the competition though will be allocated a playing Hcp of 15 strokes.


Round 1: 19/05/19
Round 2: 30/06/19
Final: 04/08/19 

  • Event information can be found on the competition schedule page of the website.

Order of Merit & Scoring

Rounds 1 & 2 will offer points towards the Strand Cup order of merit, with the competitions final offering double points.

Every player will receive points in reverse order of how they finished each event.

Example of 10 players in a competition

1st place will receive 10 points, 2nd place 9 points then continuing down to 10th place who receives 1 point. The idea is to compete for as many points as possible, towards the Strand Cup order of merit.

In Rounds 1 & 2, bonus points will also be awarded:

1st 8 points

2nd 4 points

3rd- 2 points

* All points and bonus points will be doubled in the final.

Entrance Fees

100kr per player for each event
200kr non member green fee


·      Competitors can play as many or as few rounds as they like.

·      Prizes awarded to winner of each round and grand prize for Strand Cup order of merit winner.

Nick Potter