Course Update - August

We are now at the halfway point of the season and have been lucky enough to have an exceptionally hot summer which has provided us with both benefits and challenges.

The 4 greens that experienced some winter damage have recovered well, with the only exception being 15, which has a little way to go. Extra irrigation cycles through the night and hand watering of dry areas by the course team have helped the greens recover well and counter the extremely dry and hot weather.

We have increased our maintenance procedures of the greens this season to include more irrigation, dressing, aeration, fertiliser, verti-cutting and rolling. The cut height has been reduced to around 2.6mm which has increased green speed and pureness of roll. It will stay at this height til later in the season when we will start to raise the height again, in preparation for the winter. 

As I mentioned, the extreme heat and lack of rain has bought its challenges. This is particularly noticeable on the fairways where irrigation is not available, however, this is something that will be worked into the master plan. Players can currently take 1 club relief on fairways (no closer to the hole), with this rule staying in place until further notice. 

Although the fairways have been dry, something more accustomed to links golf, with the course taking on a British Open feel, the greens this season have played well. Enjoy the extra distance off the tee and with a little more rain the fairways should be playing as normal before too long.

We have also started to lower the cutting height and more regularly verti-cut both the tees and green areas. This has had a great effect both visually and on playability. 

The rain we received this past week is starting to make a difference with the course really starting to green up. More is still needed though it's a good start. 

Architect Johan Benestam has also been a regular visitor to Strand this season. He is currently working on the master plan and will have initial drafts ready over the next few months. We will ensure to keep the club and members updated once we have reviewed the initial designs. 

Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you on the course soon.



Nick Potter