Course Renovation Update

It was great to see so many members at the golf club’s annual meeting earlier this month. It’s sure to be another great season at Strand GK with many exciting new competitions, events, and developments on the course planned as well as in the Pro Shop, where Janne will be doing his best to keep you well equipped with all the latest and best equipment and apparel.

For those who attended the annual club meeting you would have heard me talk about our course development plans for this Spring and how they have changed from when I initially discussed the 2019 course developments at the Autumn meeting late last year.

The original plan was to commence our renovation on the par 5, 6th hole, however due to the winter weather conditions we have decided to alter the plan and focus on areas of the course that are worst effected by ice. Like last year, this winter has been hard on the greens with all the greens under an ice layer for a period of about 6 weeks. Although not as bad as last year the recent warmer weather couldn’t have come at a better time and we were able to get all the greens clear and free from ice. The greens look like they are in good condition which Im sure your just as happy as me to hear, though the real test will be once the weather warms and the grass starts to grow.

The one exception to this however is the 15th green which is located in a part of the course where it is shaded by the surrounding forrest and does not receive significant wind/air flow. The 15th green (although now clear) was under a thick ice layer for much longer than the other greens on the course and looks like it will have extensive damage in the Spring, similar to last season. For this reason we have decided to start our renovation project with this hole and fix the issues surrounding this green to ensure the best possible playing conditions moving forward.

The hole will be moved away from the forrest to ensure it receives more sunlight and next winter we will start to clear extensive areas of forrest on the Strand property that block the sun from reaching the green complex. The final construction drawings are being completed this week and the upcoming good weather means our team will be hoping to commence work in the coming weeks.

At Strand we have the luxury of having a 19th hole (the training area hole) which we will incorporate into the route and be sure to notify all members and guests prior to the season. The course will still play as a 18 hole, par 71 course in 2019 and the impact on play will be minimal.

We have also commenced building a new yellow/white tee on the 6th hole which will offer extensive views over the lake and the location will allow the tee to receive better sun and air flow ensuring much better growing conditions than the previous location.

Be sure to stay up to date through the website and monthly newsletters and follow our progress on social media. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or come up and have a chat next time your at the club.

Look forward to seeing you in the Spring.

Nick Potter
Strand Golf General Mananger

Nick Potter