Course Renovation Update - 8/5/19

It’s been a busy few weeks for the team on the course. As I’m sure you have seen, the renovation of hole 15 is in full swing. Over the last few weeks the rough shape of the green complexe and new tees has been completed, the drainage has been put down and the irrigation has been installed and tested. The green sand has also been added and roughly shaped as have the bunkers.

Over the next week we will look to concrete the bunkers and begin the building of the bunker edges. We will also fine shape and sand cap the green and surrounding areas and wait for the weather to warm before seeding.

The process has been a great learning experience for myself and the team and it will surely be a great benefit to us as we move forward with renovating the rest of the course. Along with the Strand team, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our shaper, Fredrik Söderberg from Farment AB, who performed the fine excavation work and did a fantastic job.

As I mentioned we will look to seed in May once the weather is warmer. We have selected the newest variety of bentgrass available called Riptide, which has quickly built a reputation for its fine appearance, playability and resistance to disease and winter damage. We will also look to incorporate some bentgrass into the foregreen/run-off areas, which combined with the fescue will allow these areas to be cut very short and ensure smoother surfaces which will offer players the ability to play a range of different shots from the same areas.

I will be sure to update you in the coming weeks once we have finished the bunkers and seeded all the areas. The seeding process and grow in is very important and has been carefully planned out with our suppliers. Please feel free to visit the area when your passing by during play, though I ask everyone to please keep off all the new areas particularly during the seeding and grow in.

I hope everyone is enjoying the great start to the season and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards

Nick Potter
General Manager

Nick Potter